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20 Beautiful Snow Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Snow wallpapers Thread: Who doesn’t love snow? It’s winter season and I am just loving the snowing. These are the cutest and beautiful snow wallpaper of the internet. These 20 beautiful snow wallpapers will make your desktop more beautiful. They are HD wallpaper means you can use it in big monitors also. I have posted some forest with snow wallpaper and mountain covered in snow also. If you liked these wallpapers than use them as wallpaper on your mobile,iPhone or android or desktop also.


This is a wallpaper of a mountain which covered by snow. It’s a 1080p wallpaper which can be used in everywhere. Just look at the sky and see the vastness of the world. Right now it is my desktop wallpaper and I believe that it is one of the best wallpaper of this thread.

1080p snow wallpaper

Very beautiful cabin covered with snow and lightened by the christmas tree. I can’t ask for more in my life. I just want to be in this place. This is a 1080p wallpaper for your desktop.
beautiful winter wallpaper

This is a wallpaper of a cat walking on the snow covered street. How cute and gorgeous. Isn’t it? It’s a 1080p wallpaper.
cat in snow wallpaper

Just look at the houses, how beautiful it can be? Roofs are covered with snow and the lights made this wallpaper awesome. I don’t know the city name but it might be the hullstat from Austria.

Mountain Wallpaper in snow

This is a skiing wallpaper where the person is skiing over the mountains which is covered with snow. This is one of my favorite sport which I never tried. I am going to try that someday in my life. That’s for sure. This is a 1600 * 1000 resolution wallpaper.

Skiing Over Snow Wallpaper

How beautiful a place can be? Just guess the place and mention the area in the comment zone. This is a quiz for you guyz. This is a 1080p wallpaper for you guyz.

snow covered mountain

This wallpaper reminds me of The Game : Mafia 2. There was a scene where I had to roam the cit while snows were falling. I can’t stop remembring that moment. This is a normal wallpaper of a city street where the trees are covered in snow. I just love this wallpaper. The resolution of this wallpaper is 3008 x 2000.

Snow fall wallpaper

Feeling lonely? Then this is a perfect wallpaper for your desktop. This is a wide winter wallpaper which makes me feel lonely. Actually I am lonely, right now I am blogging this and everybody is in sleep and the city is sleeping also. However, this is a wallpaper of a bench of a park of a lonely night.

Snow Falling winter wallpaper

This is a 1920×1080 pixel wallpaper. This is a picture of a road in a forest covered with snow. I wish I could visit this place. Life is amazing and we should make the most out of it. Right now I am writing this blog because I want to make some bucks to visit these types of place in the later part of my life. This road looks scary though. However it is an awesome HD snow wallpaper.

snow wallpaper

This is a picture of a house in a mountain. This winter wallpaper is HD. It’s resolution is 1600×1200

snow in mountain wallpaper

This is an awesome wallpaper for an android tablet. Currently I am using this winter wallpaper on my Galaxy Tablet. Everythig is white in this wallpaper. The road in this wallpaper is covered with snow and the sky is white also. This is a high resolution wallpaper with a resolution of 2560×1600.

Tree in snow

One of the best romantic wallpaper of all time. A couple is kissing while it’s snowing. What a scene and what a place to do romantic stuff. I am just thrilled to see this type of photo. I wish them the best. If you are looking for a romantic photo than this should do the work. This is 2560×1600 wallpaper.

snow love wallpaper HD

This is a picture of a mountain covered with snow. This is a 1080p wallppaer for your desktop.

snow mountain wallpaper HD

An awesome wallpaper of winter. A landscape wallpaper for your desktop. It is a wallpaper that can be served as a landscape wallpaper also. It’s resolution is 1080p.

snow mountain wallpaper

This is a wallpaper of the famous river in Yosemite National Park. It is situated in California. I just loved the color of the water. It’s a wide wallpaper with a resolution of 2560×1600

River in Yosemite National Park, California

A very colorful wallpaper of winter. Winter is going to be vanished within few days. It’s better to capture the time with a wallpaper.

Snow wallpaper with flower

This is a sunrise wallpaper in a forest covered with snow. Pretty amazing, right? Yes, it’s really awesome. It is a 2880×1800 resolution wallpaper.
snow sunrise in forest wallpaper

I don’t know the name of these trees but they surely looks awesome. I felt awesome when I first saw this snow wallpaper. I would suggest you to use this in your iPad. It would make an awesome wallpaper for your iPad.

widescreen wallpaper of snow

The place in this wallpaper looks magical. The reflection of the trees and the snow makes this wallpaper more amazing then ever.

winter snow 1080p wallpaper

This wallpaper looks too much good to believe. At the very first time i thought it was an animated wallpaper then I relized that it is a natural wallpaper. I have to admit that it’s a Very beautiful place.

Winter wallpaper snow