Colorful android wallpaper

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Android is my favorite OS for the phone and tablet. I know many people loves iOS but I am android guy. I kinda like the features and the logo also. This thread has 10 Beautiful Android Wallpapers, I hope you like these android wallpapers. Some of the android wallpapers are HD and 1080p. You can use them to set them as wallpaper in your Desktop, mobile or tablet . I am using these wallpaper in my nexus 10. I gotta admit that these are looking great in my android tablet. These might not fit for small sized phone because most of them are HD android wallpaper. These wallpapers are available in different resolutions also. You can even convert them using online resolution editor websites or apps from playstore. Someday I will write a article about how to change the resolution of the android wallpapers. I have mainly focused on providing wallpapers which has android logo, or green color, or the android based theme. By the way these android wallpapers can make you look geeky to some people. Because you know that most of the people thinks these techy guy as geek. So if you want to be get called as geeky in that case it would be a wise decision to set these as wallpaper of your screen. O hope you like these android wallpaper HD.


Please tell us in the comment section whether you liked the wallpapers or not. I am pretty sure that you will like these android wallpapers.


This is one of my favorite android wallpaper. See the android logo wallpaper and realize the power of android.

Android Wallpaper

This wallpaper makes it look like that android is the boss of the machine. It runs the gadget and it is superb. Android Wallpaper hd

Colorful android wallpaper

android wallpaper download

android wallpaper download

android wallpaper hd 1080p

android wallpaper

HD Android Wallpaper

android HD wallpaper

Android Wallpaper HD

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