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Venice is a city in northeastern Italy. It’s a group of 117 small islands separated by canals. It has some linking bridges also. Venice is famous for it’s transportation system where there are no cars or roadways but canals and boates only. This makes Venice beautiful and unique. There is a grand canal where the side canals are attached. People travels through boats. Millions of people from the world visits Venice every year for it’s beauty, history and site. Buildings raises from the the water which makes the scene more awesome then they should be. I have an intention of visiting Venice one day. In this thread we are showing 20 pictures of Venice. These are basically city wallpaper of Venice. I have tried to show some street wallpaper of Venice also. These HD , 1080p wallpaper of Venice can be used in your desktop, laptop, android tablet, ipad , iPhone.

Venice WallpaperVenice Wallpaper
beautiful venis photos
HD Wallpaper of Venice City
Venice boat wallpaper
venis wide wallpaper
Venice City Canal wallpaper
venice HD wallpaper
venice HD wallpaper
venice hdr wallpaper
Venice HDR Wallpapers
venice italy wallpaper
Venice night wallpaper
Venice Cool city wallpaper
venis boat photos
venis church San Giorgio Maggiore wallpaper
Venis City Italy Wallpaper
venis city wallpaper
venice night wallpaper
venis wallpaper 1920x1200